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Education & Training

Education and training is one of the key elements in creating a substance abuse-free workplace. Safety First offers a full continuum of training options including: reasonable suspicion training, DOT collection training, DOT breath alcohol training, SST (saliva screening technician training), DOT supervisory training kits, DER Certification as well as customized programs to cover specific topics.

Safety First utilizes optional training formats including video, DVD, CD, online or onsite training to meet requirements of Federal, State and local regulatory guidelines.

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Onsite Training - Each of Our Instructors Has More Than A Decade of Professional Experience

Contact Safety First for dates and availability.

Reasonable Suspicion Training for Supervisors

Federal guidelines require all companies operating under any modality covered by Department of Transportation regulations to have all supervisors trained to recognize the signs, symptoms and indicators of substance abuse in employees.

This session provides information regarding the legal, physical and psychological consequences of substance abuse. It provides supervisors with the tools to identify employees with substance abuse problems, intervene with them and refer them to the appropriate organization for assistance.

This program is required for DOT-mandated employers to be compliant with federal regulations.

Breath Alcohol Technician Training

This training session includes a self-study computer based course as well as one day of hands-on, in-classroom training. Upon completion of the course, participants will be certified as Breath Alcohol Technicians in compliance with 49 CFR Part 40 of the federal regulations and as Factory Authorized Calibration Technicians.

Prior to the in-classroom course, participants must have completed the self-study, Computer Based Training (CBT) as provided by the manufacturer which instructs users on DOT rules and regulations in accordance with the federal guidelines.

The in-classroom portion of the course teaches students the proper methods to use the Alco Sensor IV, RBT IV evidential breath testing instrument. During the day, participants will be given quizzes on the information covered and provided an opportunity to actually use the testing instrument. The Quality Assurance Plan will be reviewed in detail and tests will be performed including accuracy checks and calibrations on the instrument. A minimum of seven (7) tests will be performed on live subjects to meet federal requirements.

Pre-requisites to attend this course:

1.       You must have computer access that has a CD Rom drive and sound capability. One computer must be used to complete the entire Computer Based Training portion of this course (3–6 hours depending upon experience level).

2.       You must have basic computer skills.

Urine Drug Screen Collector Training

Department of Transportation regulations require urine drug screen collectors to receive qualification training, refresher training and error correction training. This course, based on the requirements set forth in 49 CFR Part 40, meets regulatory compliance guidelines. Upon completion of the course, participants will receive certification as qualified urine drug screen collectors.

First, the course outlines information as it relates to the collector, the collection site, the donor and the testing supplies. The steps necessary in the collection process are covered in detail. A thorough review of direct observations, monitored collections, and shy bladder collections is conducted. Correctable flaws, fatal flaws and refusals to test are also discussed in detail. Participants will perform five (5) error-free, supervised collections and a written examination will be given. A collection manual is provided to all participants.

Designated Employer Representative Certification & Reasonable Suspicion Training for Supervisors

This training session combines two exceptional programs into one. Attendees will be compliant with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations requiring all supervisors to be trained for one hour on the signs and symptoms of controlled substances and one hour on the signs and symptoms of alcohol abuse.

Additionally, attendees will receive certification as a Designated Employer Representative using curriculum developed by the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA). It provides a comprehensive overview of the entire drug and alcohol testing process. Certifications for each component of the program will be provided.


         Identification of substance abusers in the workplace

         Proper methods to conduct a reasonable suspicion test

         Determine who is covered by the regulations

         100% percent compliance with drug and alcohol testing regulations

         Define the role of the DER in the testing process and his/her relationship with various service agents (BATs, TPAs, MROs, collectors, SAPs, etc.)

         Problem drug tests

         Action to take after receiving a positive drug or alcohol test result

         Record keeping

For more information contact Danny Cooner or Judy McCracken at Safety First.